Reading MSA reports

Megan and Andrew are ready to access their online feedback. They use the myMSA system at to do this.

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The MSA carcase feedback report:

  • Shows the complete set of measurements collected for each MSA graded carcase
  • Includes the MSA index in the last column for all carcases that meet MSA minimum requirements
  • Groups the carcases based on compliance to MSA and company specifications
  • Provides a summary of compliance at the top of the report
  • Can be used to identify performance of individual traits such as marbling, and can be linked back to on-farm records to track carcase performance against on-farm programs
  • Assists producers to assess if their carcases are performing as well as expected and identify on-farm practices to improve these traits.

Click the link below for a few tips on how to read a MSA carcase feedback report.

MSA carcase feedback report.

The Company specification non-compliance report shows the carcases that met MSA minimum requirements, but failed company specific requirements.

Producers need to identify the company specifications with their processors. These specifications are generally related to weight ranges, dentition and other factors.

Whilst company specifications may not impact on eating quality, they are commercially important to your processor and should be taken into consideration before consigning MSA cattle.

Click the link below for a few tips on how to read a Company specification non-compliance report.

Company specification non-compliance report

  • Provides a breakdown of the reasons for non-compliance to MSA specifications
  • Can be generated for a single kill date or over a time period
  • Can be useful for identifying trends in compliance over time
  • Can assist with implementing some on-farm strategies leading into ‘problem’ times of the year
  • Provides links to solutions where a compliance issue is identified.

Click the link below for a few tips on how to read a MSA non-compliance report.

MSA non-compliance report.