Cattle handling

While on the phone, Shane gives Megan and Andrew a few tips on how to best manage their cattle and get the best MSA grading results.

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Cattle destined for MSA must meet the following requirements:

  • MSA Vendor Declarations must be delivered with cattle
  • All cattle must reside on the property of dispatch for a minimum of 30 days prior to dispatch
  • No entire males or animals showing secondary sexual characteristics are to be consigned to MSA
  • Direct consignment cattle travelling by road transport need to be slaughtered within 48 hours after leaving the property
  • For all other methods of transport, cattle must be slaughtered no later than the day after dispatch
  • MSA cattle sold through an accredited sale-yard must be slaughtered within 36 hours of leaving the property of dispatch.

Go to the MSA Tips and Tools page for more information on cattle handling:

Cattle handling

To get the best results from your livestock, follow these recommendations:

  • Manage cattle as a single mob for a minimum of 14 days prior to dispatch for slaughter, this includes no mixing or drafting
  • Provide cattle with a rising plane of nutrition for the 30 days prior to slaughter
  • Handle, muster and load cattle quietly to reduce stress
  • Provide cattle with access to water outside of transport
  • Provide cattle with access to feed prior to dispatch
  • Do not consign cattle of poor temperament.